Tiger Tank

My latest build is a Tiger tank model from the Italeri World of Tanks line.

Just like the the Sherman that I built, this tank is a tank from the game World of Tanks.  I am not finished with the tank yet, but I have put about ten hours of work into it.  Here’s what it looks like so far.

SD531062 SD531067

Unlike my M26 Pershing and my Sherman, this kit comes with tracks that you have to build.  There are twelve individual links at the front of the tracks and twenty one at the rear.  For the middle section there are long sections of track so you don’t have to build the whole length of the tracks.


After the tracks were done I started building the upper hull.  After the main hull was built I started working on the fenders of the tank.  Normally they are individual fenders, but in this kit they molded them as one piece.  I cut them apart so I could make them look a little war torn and beat up.  I did this by heating them up with a hairdrier and bending them with a pliers.  After that was done I glued them on the tank.


I know the quality of the pictures isn’t very good, but hopefully you can see that the fenders have some dings and dents in them!



4 thoughts on “Tiger Tank

  1. Shan Jones

    WOW you are amazing Zach! Love how you spent extra time putting the fenders together to make them look authentic! You definitely have more patience than I do!! So coooooool!






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