About me


I am a teenage boy who lives in a country home.  I was first interested in tanks when I started playing an online tank game called World of Tanks, in the winter of 2013.

Other interests:

Getting my tractor stuck in snow drifts, playing computer games, playing paint ball, splitting wood, going fishing, and swimming.

I hope you enjoy following me on my blog going through the process of learning about tanks, and building armor models with me.


1 thought on “About me

  1. Simeon

    I am a 9 year old who is crazy for Legos. Me and my 16 year old brother built a Lego tank. It is on my blog ‘brickbiulds.posthaven.com’. And I made an armored car and a WW spitfire plane. (I also posted Lego creations Star Wars, city, and so on)



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